To apply for a South African passport the following documents are required:

- Current/Previous SA Passport


- SA Immigration Permit  /  SA Certificate of Naturalisation (for citizens who were not born in RSA)

- € 40,00 cash, exact amount

- 3 colour photos (in accordance with international standards). Photo booth also available at the Embassy - 6 euros (coins only) for 6 photos.


To apply for an Emergency Travel Certificate:

  • Motivation Letter (typed) and signed by applicant
  • € 15,00 Cash
  • 2 colour photos
  • Date of travel
  • SA Address


Please also find here form  BI-529 (Determination of Citizenship) to be filled in with block letters and a black ink pen.

Public attendance for applications: Monday to Friday – 8:30 to 11:00 (public holidays excluded)



1) The Embassy does not provide photocopying, printing or fax services to applicants.

Applicants must therefore ensure that they produce photocopies / print-outs together with original personal documents and applications, e.g. passports, identity documents, certificates, etc.