This year Nelson Mandela, who turned 94on 18 July, again called on people to give a little of their time to helping others with a special focus on children. It was within this spirit that the staff of the South African Embassy joined a group of children from the Fundação “O Século” in celebrating Nelson Mandela International Day. The Embassy contributed 94 minutes of its time in honour of Mr Mandela’s 94th birthday.


The Embassy officials opened their hearts by donating a special afternoon snack, some souvenirs and face painting as well as a talk on Nelson Mandela’s life work and South Africa. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela and blew out the candles of a birthday cake. The children brightened the event by dancing while everyone clapped and offered their drawings and compositions on Nelson Mandela.


Besides the Embassy’s diplomats and local staff, the event was attended by the President of the Foundation, Dr. Rodolfo Crespo, and several members of the institution.  RTP-Informação covered the event which was broadcast later the same day.