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  • Venue: Poland, Krynica-Zdroj 246a
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On 29 January 2015, the Mission closed its 20 Years of Democracy celebrations with a seminar paying tribute to the anti-apartheid activists and movements across the Commonwealth and their important contribution to bringing about democratic change in South Africa.  Representatives of the Embassies o India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Mozambique, Nigeria and Australia spoke about how their countries were involved in placing public and political pressure on South Africa to move towards democracy following centuries of racial discrimination.  The leader of Portugal’s Communist Party, Jerónimo de Sousa, was also present to give an account of his party’s involvement in the anti-apartheid struggle, as well as that of other democrats in Portugal.  Journalist António Mateus provided a moving account of his years in Mozambique as a young correspondent, where he witnessed an attempt by the apartheid regime to eliminate anti-apartheid activist, Albie Sachs.  The seminar was followed by a cocktail where participants and members of the public had the opportunity to exchange views.


Ambassador Keitumetse Matthews speaking and with the leader of the Portuguese Communist Party, Jerónimo de Sousa


Ambassador Matthews with journalist António Mateus, SA-born former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Luís Brito Pereira, diplomats and friends