Press Releases

The annual Africa Day event took place on Wednesday, 29 May 2024, at the Marriot Hotel in Lisbon. The theme chosen by the African Union for Africa Day was, “Educate an African fit for the 21st Century: Building resilient education systems for increased access to inclusive, lifelong, quality, and relevant learning in Africa”. The Africa Day commemoration is a moment for the continent to pause, reflect, and celebrate the unique African identity and cultural expression.

The South African Embassy was one of the fifteen African Embassies in Portugal, that participated on the day with a special exhibition of arts and crafts, and a dining experience of the various food and drink from the continent. Following speeches from the representatives of the Mayor of Lisbon and the Portuguese Foreign Ministry, as well as the Dean of the African diplomatic corps, the special guests were entertained by some light music and dancing. Pictures reflect the celebration of Africa Day as well as the South African Embassy’s art and craft table.