Investing in SA

10 Reasons to Invest in South Africa

Attractive and Connected Emerging Market Quality infrastructure and efficient logistics

With well-established and continued investment in infrastructure, South Africa is positioned as a key global hub and an attractive gateway into the rest of the continent.


Largest presence of multinationals in Africa

South Africa is the investment destination of choice of a sizeable number of global corporates, who enjoy the benefits of doing business in the country. More than 180 Fortune Global 500 companies are present in South Africa.


Manufacturing hub

South Africa has a well-developed, diversified manufacturing base that has shown its potential to compete globally, and serves as a manufacturing hub to supply the rest of the continent for a number of consumer product companies.


Lucrative emerging market

 South Africa’s growing middle class and most affluent consumer base in Africa presents attractive returns on investment.


Favourable market access to global markets

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) will boost intra-Africa trade and create a market of over 1bn people with a combined GDP of over US$2trn. South Africa has several trade agreements that provide an export platform into global markets.


 Innovation and tech hub

The Global Innovation Index ranks South Africa number one in innovation in Africa. South Africa’s intellectual property rights protection is regarded as the second best in Africa. South Africa is also fast becoming a technology hub in Africa and has a growing ecosystem in the tech sector ranging from technical expertise to finance support for entrepreneurs.


Abundant natural resources

South Africa is abundantly endowed with precious metals. It is the world’s leading producer of platinum group metals, the sixth-largest producer of gold, has world-renowned underground mining expertise and more than 100 listed mining companies with operations in the country.


Africa’s leading financial hub

South Africa has a sophisticated banking sector with a major footprint in Africa. It is also a financial hub in Africa, with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) the largest stock exchange by market capitalisation in the continent.


Young trainable labour force

South Africa has a number of world-class universities and technical colleges, producing a skilled, talented, and capable workforce. It offers a diversified skillset, a large pool of trainable labour, and government support for training and skills development.


Excellent quality of life

 South Africa is renowned for its quality of life, offering both high quality city experiences and more tranquil and breath-taking landscapes.


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